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Thank you, my daughter is in a much better mental space after seeing Brittany." 

"Brittany is great. I love her."

"I don't know how many people Marcella treat. I do know every session is personal. Marcella make me feel like I'm the only patient. She listens thoroughly and provides guidance."

“Thank you Marcella for a great session."

"I appreciate that Marcella listens to me. I appreciate her genuine concern. She really has helped me to get back to work and to remind me of the symptoms and medication management."

"I wanted to say thank you for all of your help over the years. You helped me grow so much. I feel stronger and more confident of who I am after all our sessions."

"Really good feel and connection for both of daughter also expressed that she liked the first session...much better than what she had seen on TV and imagined."

"During our family session, all members were involved."

"It's always a pleasure to see and work with Marcella. I have learned a lot about myself and have grown quite a bit from our sessions."

"Marcella Rogers is very professional and easy to talk to. My teenage daughter finds her easy to communicate with. She's caring and understanding."

"Marcella is wonderful. She makes you feel right at home with her cozy office. I really appreciate Marcella, from the moment I walked into her office she was easy going, professional & welcoming. She had mediating music in the background with an ocean wave sound going. She has helped me understand a lot about myself and acknowledge the accurate ways to describe how I feel when I had dealt with two significant tragedies so close. I highly RECOMMEND MARCELLA, men and women I know that she will have you leaving feeling better than when you walked in, because that is how I always felt leaving her office. Thank you Marcella!"

"Very understanding, great listener, helped me navigate through situations that to me would have not been thought of very helpful. "

"If I have to sum up in one word what my experience with Marcella has been that word would be AMAZING. If I had to put a title to her name it would be Change Agent. Some of the characteristics of a Change Agent are clear vision, patient, persistent (in a good way), ask the tough questions, knowledgeable, and a relationship built on trust. Marcella exhibits all those characteristics and more. I am grateful for her patience and her ability to really simplify the things that I need to address. When talking with Marcella, I find it easy to utilize the tools and methods that she gives me in each session. Before beginning my session with Marcella, I was not in a good place, but since working with Marcella not only am I in a better place I am empowered, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so elated that God has allowed our paths to cross! My life has been made better because of Marcella working with me."

"I came to Marcella last summer crying with no hope or idea of where to begin. While she reassured me that therapy was the place to start, I was skeptical due to previous experiences. Once I set up my first appointment, I was sure that it would go the same as it had in the past. It was crazy for me to realize that this was not the case. I am so grateful for the amount of guidance she has given me to work through my problems. Things weren't always perfect, but Marcella still helped me push through those rough patches and keep moving forward. It is so so surreal to see how much growth I have made since my first session. I would recommend anyone one like me, felt like there was no hope in getting better, to try Answers Lie Within." 

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